Welcome to the Tasting House Wine Club, our awesome subscription service. It’s a great way to explore some new wines and treat yourself to a well-earned, regular, reward for working hard or for just being fabulous.

Every month, 2 months or indeed 3, you choose, we’ll package up a selection of delicious wines and deliver them straight to your door. Its so simple, just choose your colour of wine, price category, how many wines you would like and how often and leave the rest to us!

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How it works

You Choose

Choose between our Bronze, Silver, or Gold wine subscription options and how often you want to receive your wines.

We Deliver

We will deliver your selection of 6-12 wines straight to your door for free. We also deliver nationwide for a flat-rate charge of £10.

You Explore

Explore our delicious selection of wines from across the world. This will help build your knowledge and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy Rewards

We treat all our wine club members to exclusive rewards including a free bottle of bubbles with your first case. Silver and Gold members will also receice two free tickets to one of our tasting events.

Membership Options

Membership is available to everyone UK-wide. Delivery within 15 miles of RG1 (Reading Town Centre) is free and we charge a small fee of £10 for any members outside this zone.


This is the starting point on your journey of discovery. This category will mostly concentrate on Europe, with Australia and South America making the odd appearance. Hopefully we can prove to you that there are some hidden gems out there and even at this price-point, wines that will over-deliver on quality.

6 bottles for £60

12 bottles for £115

A choice of all red, all white or mixed.

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Here we take a step up and broaden our spectrum of countries and regions. By spending that little extra, we will be able to look beyond Europe and venture into the more premium sector and more importantly, grape varieties that require a little bit of an extra spend to discover.

6 bottles for £85

12 bottles for £160

A choice of all red, all white or mixed.

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Now we’re talking! The world really is our oyster here and there are no limits to what we can show you, in particular where country and varietal is concerned. It’s a big step up we know, but you only live once and so, it’s worth it. This is a great bracket to choose if you want to always have a selection of premium wines in your “cellar” or actually, if you just want the finer things in life on a more regular basis.

6 bottles for £110

12 bottles for £210

A choice of all red, all white or mixed.

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How to Join

Membership is simple and joining us only takes a couple of minutes

Simply click on the link below, pop your details in the required boxes and choose your DD date (1st of 15th of the month). Once you submit, your form will be processed by GoCardless who will then notify us. We’ll then be in touch with you to arrange the first case and the fun begins!

Please note there is 5-day lag time between the DD from your account to the funds arriving with us. Your delivery will therefore be due 5 days after you DD date.

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How many wines do I get?

You can choose between 6 or 12 wines.

Can I have a mixture of white and red?

Off course. We offer a case of white, red or a mixed case (including rosé during the summer months).

What is the difference in the 3 price categories?

Apart from the obvious cost difference, the higher you go, the more premium the wine and wider our choice becomes. Its that simple. All 3 are great, but you choose what works for you.

Can I choose my style?

We like to keep it simple and at the same time, give you a wide selection of tastes. So, unless you really cannot stand a certain type of wine, the box is an ever-changing surprise.

Can I ask for a specific grape variety or wine?

We don’t want to complicate the Wine Club and what its all about, but you can always let us know and we will do our best.

What if I don’t like a wine?

You can’t like everything and wine is so subjective. However, if there’s a wine you really did not like, let us know and we’ll do our best to avoid a similar style in the future.

Are you going to give me any natural wines?

We tend to stay away from this category for the Wine Club as sometimes this can be a quirky subject. If, however we taste something and want to shout about it, then we may pop it in. Nothing too outrageous though so don’t worry.

Do I get any freebees?

Yes, Silver & Gold members will get 2 free tickets to one of our tasting events as part of your second case. We will also give all new members a free bottle of bubbles with your first case just to say thank you and welcome!

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. We don’t tie any of our customers in and whilst we hope that you stay with us for ever, we understand that peoples’ circumstances change. We just ask that you let us know before you cancel so we can understand if we could have done something better.

Do I get my wines the day of the DD?

There is a slight lag-time between the DD and when we receive the funds, usually around 5 days. This is outside our control but we will get the wines to you the minute this completes.

Are my financial detail secure?

Absolutely, we don’t access your details and leave that to GoCardless, the professional DD service, who simply transfer the funds to us.

What’s the point in a being part of a wine club?

Well its fun, no hassle and hey, if you drink wine then there really is no down-side.

Do I get any tasting notes in my box?

Yes, you do. Each box comes with a set of brief tasting notes to guide you through each wine.

Why should I choose Tasting House for my wine club?

We’re local, independent and we really care about what goes in your case. Because of this we don’t take anything for granted and hope that we always apply a personal touch. Also, you can chat to us at any time and we will actually listen and adjust.

What if I recommend a friend, do I get a reward?

Absolutely, we will give you really great bottle in your next case to say thank you if you spread the love!

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Our Wine Club is a completely bespoke service with wines delivered straight to your door.

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