Bright & Zesty



What's in the case

Casa de Vilacetinho (Portugal)

2x Casa de Vilacetinho (Portugal)

Citric wine assimilates an aroma of white fruit from the orchard to a slight tropical taste, revealing itself as fresh, smooth and enjoyable, ideal to drink at any moment.

Les Grandes Vignes Sauvignon Blanc (France)

2x Les Grandes Vignes Sauvignon Blanc (France)

Light and crisp with aromas of lemon, peaches and fresh cut grass with a dry palate that highlights flavours of citrus fruit, gooseberry and green apples.

Apple Tree Flat Chardonnay (Australia)

2x Apple Tree Flat Chardonnay (Australia)

Lots of white peach, grapefruit and nutty aromas with a crisp yet textured palate of pear, lemon and nectarine.