An Evening of Sweet Wine

Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

If you've been to the shop, you might have noticed we (especially Jack) absolute love sweet wines. Strangely though the UK has adopted the term pudding wine, and we're not really sure why. Without spoiling all the fun, sweet wines are designed for so much more. Sweet actually works just as well with salt (trust us, it really does, we'll prove it). Sweet wines also don't always have to be super sweet pudding styles either. The problem is the on trade market only really ever offer the super sweet styles - Sauternes, Ice Wine, Tokaji, etc. Don't get me wrong, they are stunning, but there are are so many beautiful wines out their that are not even half as sweet, allowing so much more versatility and approachability of drinking.

Join us as we explore our favorite selection of sweet wines from all over the world. This is going to tasty!



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