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8th March - An Introduction to Wine (SOLD OUT)


This introductory tasting evening is aimed at people who are interested in learning more about what goes into making what we all love so much - wine! From the vineyard to the bottle, we will discuss the various factors and processes that go into creating so many different and unique styles of wine, how to taste it, how to pair with food, and much more!

This is part 2 of 2 identical tastings, the first of which is on the 8th of February. 

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked. 

22nd March - 'We Explore' Pinot Noir (SOLD OUT)


From earthy, truffle'y styles to racey, peppery examples, Pinot Noir is responsible for some of our most elegant, lighter bodied red winesl. Stunning examples are now being made all over the world, from Burgundy to Australia. Join us as we explore a selection of Pinots that we feel truly show off this grape's potential. 

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked. 

5th April - A Portuguese Dinner (SOLD OUT)


Portugal may have introduced hot chiles to Asia, tea to England, and tempura to Japan, but the country's cuisine still remains a mystery to most food lovers outside of its borders. Only custard tarts — the ubiquitous pastéis de nata — have broken into the larger food-obsessed culture.

The roots of Portuguese food lie in both native peasant cookery and the ingredients obtained through trade routes established many centuries ago. Bread, rice, spices, pastries, sausages, and seafood — especially cod — remain the staples of many Portuguese meals.

We are very excited to once again team up with Nomad Bakery/ Pop-Up Reading for another evening of Laura's culinary wonders, with Portuguese wines to match!

Unfortunately this event is now sold out. 

12th April - EAST LONDON LIQUOR COMPANY Portfolio Tasting (SOLD OUT)

7:30pm - 9:30pm


This is a big one. 

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are being joined by Rose from East London Liquor Company (ELLC) for an evening of gins (including barrell aged), whiskeys, rums and vodka!

East London Liquor Company has brought spirits production back to the East End – once the industrial heart of the English spirits trade. ELLC is a craft spirits producer, the first and only distillery to produce gins, whisky and vodka in East London for over a century. The company also selects and imports a small range of fine aged spirits including rums. All can be enjoyed at their own on site bar where drinks enthusiasts can indulge in a cocktail whilst watching the spirit they are drinking being made in front of them.

Check out their website HERE

Tickets for our notorious spirits tastings sell out fast, so grab yours before its too late!

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked. 

19th April - A Taste of Eastern Europe (SOLD OUT)


Eastern European countries are quickly making a name for themselves for producing some of the finest wines this continent has to offer, and despite that, knowledge in the consumer market, without first hand experience in said countries, is still pretty minimal.

Over the past few months, our manager Jack has been on a mission to find some hidden treasures from across the Mediterranean, including wines from Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, amongst others. Think Saperavi, Plavak Mali, Kekfrankos.....heard of them?!

Join us as we explore through what he has found!   

Unfortunately this event is now fully booked. 

25th April - An Evening with Archangel Wines


"Archangel is a true story of hope, love and survival. Destiny at work. It begins in 1940 with two young girls, Stefania and Halina. Forced from their homes in war-torn Poland, the girls find themselves in a labour camp in Archangel, Siberia.

Though they had not yet met, they begin a courageous journey to freedom. A parallel journey that takes them across many continents, where they encounter similar experiences of displacement and despair, as well as unexpected acts of kindness and compassion.

A generation later, destiny would once again weave its web. Serendipity and romance would bring Ian and Mary together; the son and daughter of our two heroines.

Inspired by the same spirit and determination as their mothers, they begin their own journey, searching for a unique and distinctive place worthy of being called Archangel.

Their quest takes them to Central Otago, in the south island of New Zealand.

Today, Archangel vineyard is a labour of love – a legacy of new hopes and dreams and is part of a continuing story that began in 1940."

Join us as we explore their stunning range of Central Otago Wines. They are a favourite here at The Tasting House!


3rd May - A Taste of Biodynamic Wine


Some call it "Hippie, dippy, wacky commune back to the Earth zeitgeist" while proponents claim that it permits the only true expression of terroir.

The concept behind biodynamics is that everything in the universe is interconnected and gives off a resonance or 'vibe'. The interconnectivity of everything even includes celestial bodies like the moon, planets and stars. Biodynamic viticulture is the practice of balancing this resonance between vine, man, earth and stars. Essentially, biodynamics is a holistic view of agriculture.

Whether this is a concept that you already embrace or not, the truth is over the past 2 years we have tried some absolutely stunning wines that have offered up a whole new level of richness and complexity from the grape. 

Keep your minds open and your palates imaginative, this is going to be a unique and special night. 


10th May - Tasmanian Wine with Ryan Hancock


"Tasmania's naturally elegant wines are made from grapes grown in climates similar to those of the famous European wines - with mild summers and long autumn days that ripen the grapes providing elegance and intensity of flavour. This unique island state now produces elegant cool climate wines such as Pinot Noir, sparkling wines, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. Tasmania enjoys a national and international reputation as a leading producer of some of Australia's premium wines, with its Pinot Noir and sparkling wines in particular winning high praise and plenty of trophies from wine judges and critics alike."

Join us as we explore some of Ryan's favourite 'tazzie' wines!


17th May - A Taste of New Zealand


It's no secret that Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has become a celebrity in the mainstream wine market, but New Zealand has so much more to offer, so much of which is absolutely superior in quality to many of the world's wines, let alone Marlborough Sauv Blanc! From Hawkes Bay to Central Otago, from Syrah and Cab Franc to Pinot Gris and Riesling, the land that gave us commercial bungee jumping (we googled it) is home to some pretty special grape juice. 

Join us for the evening as we explore some of our favourite Kiwi wines (Sauvignon Blanc not included.... maybe). 


24th May - An Evening with Sebastian Alvial, Sutil Family Wines, Chile


The history of farming in Chile for the Sutil family can be traced back to 1850 when their Spanish ancestors first set foot here. The winery was founded in 1995 and has grown substantially since. They now make an extensive range at all the important price points for exporting around the world.

Their entry levels are called Vilcun and Puntal, the next ascends in price and style to Canto de Piedra Reserve, Aluvios Series and finally the iconic Acrux. Each of Sutil's vineyards in Colchagua Valley, Cauquenes Valley and Limari Valley have been selected for their unique climate and terroir and planted accordingly.

Join us as we explore their fantastic range if wines, hosted by the winery manager, Sebastian Alvial.


31st May - An Evening of Gin Pt.2 (SOLD OUT)

(SOLD OUT)7:30pm-9:30pm

After an extremely enjoyable gin tasting in October, we're doing it all over again with a brand new selection of gins! 

Gin is taking the UK by storm at the moment, with new micro-distilleries opening up almost every month - but what exactly is gin?! who started making it? how do you drink it? why so many botanicals? is it just flavoured vodka?!

Found out everything you need to know about the spirit we have come to love so much in this fascinating evening of botanical smelling, gin tasting and tonic mixing!

Unfortunately this event is now sold out. 

14th June - An Evening with Katnook Estate


"Katnook Estate's winemaking history stretches back to 1896, when Coonawarra's second vintage was made in the Katnook woolshed by Scottish immigrant John Riddoch. In 1971, the Yunghanns family purchased Katnook and the first vines were planted soon after, with the first vintages of fruit sold to neighbouring wineries. In 1980, the first wines were made under Katnook Estate label. The multi-award winning Wayne Stehbens has made the wines since that first vintage, possibly making him Australia's longest serving employed winemaker."

It comes with great sadness to learn of the sudden passing of Wayne last November, he was truly one of the greats. it seems only right that we celebrate his life with another evening of his iconic wines! We are extremely privileged to be joined once again by Will from Katnook Estate to showcase their stunning portfolio of Coonawarra reds and whites. 


21st June - 'We Explore' Pinot Gris


Thought to be a mutant clone of the pinot noir variety, wines produced from this grape vary in colour from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a light shade of pink, and it is one of the more popular grapes for skin-contact wine.

Pinot gris is grown around the globe with the "spicy" full-bodied Alsatian and lighter-bodied, more acidic Italian styles being most widely recognised. The Alsatian style, often duplicated in New World wine regions such as Marlborough, Tasmania, South Australia, Washington, and Oregon, tend to have moderate to low acidity, higher alcohol levels and an almost "oily" texture that contributes to the full-bodied nature of the wine. The flavors can range from ripe tropical fruit notes of melon and mango to some botrytis-influenced flavours.

Join us as we explore this very cool and increasingly popular grape, covering everything from tight, racy whites to rich, skin contact orange and pinkS!