Our Journey

About us

Our journey started back in 2013 through a combination of frustration with the lack of availability of anything outside the mainstream wine outlets, and a desire to get people excited about wine, whether already an established enthusiast, or getting into wine for the first time. With plenty of knowledge and experience under our belts, we found our little oasis right in the center of Reading and began the next chapter in our independent career.

Our Journey

Where it all began

We have come a long way since we started, evolving our wine list, experimenting with various foods and more recently partnering up with the fantastic Anonymous Coffee Company, serving great coffee from early morning to late afternoon.

Ciaran and his team work hard to ensure that Tasting House remains current and interesting – always offering customers something new to explore. We are not afraid to try new ideas and being independent means we are constantly looking at ways to improve our business.

We listen to our customers, value their opinion and as an independent venue, feel we can always try something new, whilst remaining true to our core values.